Priorities for the 86th Legislative Session:

  • Fight for Foster Children and Families in the Texas DFPS/CPS system
  • Fight to Solve Issues Affecting Texas Veterans
  • Pass a Fiscally Conservative Biennial Budget
  • Protect Life and Family Values
  • Tax Relief for all Texans
  • Economic Development and Job Creation for Fort Bend County and Texas
  • Public Safety and Border Control Protection
  • Adequate Infrastructure Funding

I support the following Conservative values and principles:

  • Life and traditional American family values – Champion conservative family values that includes a total pro-life and faith-based foundation.
  • Conservative principles that support the Founders’ Intent of less government, lower taxes, and individual responsibility, while supporting a strong pro-business environment with limited government intervention and regulation. Includes a serious review to reduce property taxes and appraisal values.
  • Choice in education founded in traditional American values, history and exceptionalism. Purge common core curriculums while continuing to reform the public education system.
  • State sovereignty with a strong focus on legal immigration, border security and the elimination of sanctuary cities.
  • Fiscally conservative, transparent budget, factored on population growth and inflation, with “zero-based” budgeting for all funded government agencies and operating entities. Eliminate all deferrals of fees and taxes collected.
  • Texas will only be as great as the infrastructure that we create to help it grow. This includes water, roads, energy and establishing an exceptional business environment that will continue to attract people and businesses to Texas.
  • Strongest support of the Constitution, including a focus on the 2nd and 10th Amendments
  • An unfailing commitment to our Veterans and 1st Responders.
  • Elimination of all unfunded mandates.