Priorities for the 84th Legislative Session

March 2, 2015

In the 84th Session of the Texas Legislature, there will be significant issues that we will have to resolve, progressing through the Session.

As a conservative Republican, I am very focused on limiting/reducing the size of our Texas government, keeping our tax structure as low as possible and reducing where we can, ensuring the security/safety of our Texans, and strengthening a strong pro-business environment with limited government intervention and regulation.

Here is a list of my priorities and significant funding and policy issues:

  • Appropriations
    •  Maintaining the total expenditures below the spending cap
    • Eliminating all deferrals of fees and taxes for specific purposes
  • People related programs/policies
    • Valuing Life and American family values
    • Veterans and related issues
    • Public and Higher Education issues
      • Teacher quality
      • Further reducing testing
      • Curriculum issues along with the elimination of CSCOPE and COMMON CORE
      • Working with UH, TSTC, Wharton and HCC on their issues
      • Looking closely at the Teacher Healthcare System issues
      • Healthcare issues, including Mental Health and Medicaid
  • Infrastructure issues
    • Continuation of a focus on Water Issues for Texans, especially for Fort Bend County
    • A strong focus on Transportation issues and funding, especially for Fort Bend County
    • Energy – looking closely at our Texas Energy Grid and power generation needs
  •  Tax issues
    • Looking smartly and closely at reducing Property Taxes along with the Appraisal Value Process
    • Phasing out or eliminating the Franchise Tax
  • Business Development
    • Maintaining Texas as the number one state to do business with and FBC as the place to start and build a business