Representative Miller Files House Bill 1536

February 11, 2019

On Friday, Representative Rick Miller (Fort Bend) filed HB 1536, also known as the For Our Children bill, which seeks to implement evidence-based and transferrable Trauma Informed Care throughout the Department of Family and Protective Services.

"There is a clear desire across Texas for the child welfare system to become more trauma-informed and I believe that the notion, concept and desire for trauma-informed care is not a trend but is reflective of a deeper understanding of a complex problem," said Representative Rick Miller.

In addition to the For Our Children bill, Miller plans to file additional legislation that requires judges, attorneys, and attorneys ad litem who handle CPS cases to receive Trauma Informed Care Training as part of their continuing education.

"The implementation of Trauma Informed Care throughout the system will truly transform it by healing the children and giving them connection, safety, and trust with others and the ability to self-regulate in this environment," said Representative Miller. "We must get this right, now, for the children!"